2012, St.Augustine, Castello de San Marco

My twin brother Ken and his first boat.

Hey, those guys ran out of beer, ... Comin' Aboard...

Baker's Cay Bahamas, 2001, and I bet this thing doesn't even float anymore, it almost didn't back then.

Sailing a good friend's Elliott 770 during a race, Thanks Joel !

Around Isle Mujeres Mexico race after the Regata de Sol al Sol from St. Pete with the Lintons from Davis Island YC

Joe, John, and Carl with a sail fish they caught on my first trip across the Gulf of Mexico.

That's me on the bow, what a ride !

On Tampa Bay on a borrowed Morgan 24, where it all started back in 1989, Thanks to Loren Potts and John Linton !

Out Racing my first sailboat, started out as Osprey, ended up as Radio Flyer

Ah, sunset on Lake Lanier.

2004, oh happy day, first day in my new Hunter 37

Radio Flyer, a fast Pearson Flyer, and a great crew.

New PPG Truck paint on the freeboard, and after 10 years, it still looks AWESOME !

On board a morgan 41 coming back from Fantasy Fest in KeyWest 2007

On Lake Lanier, 2005, winter sailing at it's best.

Renasci is the root Latin word for renaissance.  Oddly enough, after about two years later, I learned how to pronounce it from someone who knew a little of Latin, it's; in-a-sea.     

After shopping for three years, living on it for two, and working on it for ten (so far); our 1984 37' cutter. HUN37349M84F

The first year, only a 1/4" of snow

During our motorboat ride down the ICW from Jacksonville 2013

Okay, enough, ice the second year, gotta head south.

Cherubini Yachts and some history behind the Cutter 37