Just look at that shine.  11+ years ago with PPG semi-truck trailer paint, it's worked really well.

And, yes I know, I need to repaint the non-skid, no biggie, next weekend.

Here, the aft cabin has it's trim reinstalled and everything put back together, finally.

And here we find ourselves getting to the bottom of a long list of things, and it seems surreal, but cool.  The new chain plates are installed, the last of the hull liner has been used up lining closets, and the new cockpit cushions are looking very inviting.  I've been able to spend some time to re-install some small pieces of trim here and there, that will make life a lot better.  Things shouldn't disappear, hopefully.  But I used cleaner wax to clean up the galley and sinks today.  Pretty soon, I'm going to run out of excuses as to not cleaning/waxing the hull.  Work's never done...