It's been 17 months in the making, countless heartaches and life-lessons, and even one death, but after all that, I finally completed the initial install of a new motor, new standing rigging, new running gear, and a new bottom job of course.    The smartest thing I did was putting it up on the hard at Green Cove Springs Marina.   The worse thing I did was cover it with tarps, as it grew mold and gunk.  Green Cover Springs Marina is a well established and growing center for sailboat cruisers, many of which are from other countries, just a really great place to store and work on your boat.  

After three months in the yard, and after having lost 25+ lbs of weight, I finally splashed it and motored for 2 days back to the home marina.  There's still things I will need to complete, and the winter months here will hopefully be kind and allow me to get completely finished.  After having races for 15 or so years, and having been a live aboard cruiser for several years, I thought I knew something about sailboats.  Well, let's just say not many days past where I didn't learn how stupid and overly confident I can be.  Ah, the merit badges of growing older.  

Here are some pics and videos of the effort.  Email me if you have any questions or want to learn more.  Kb