Storage behind settee seat back, took out toliet fresh water flush tank (too small) and closed off and modified to keep stuff from disappearing.

New motor installed, so far everything has worked really well.   Doing it again, I would have redone the stringers, I'm not a fan of having to use spacers to shim the motor mounts. 

Before and after hull liner installation

I pulled both bulk heads and replaced them

And afterwards

Above is the nav station before, and below is after a lightening strike and R&R of everything

Before and after of the inside, here is part of the galley and companionway

Top bearing was OEM, bottom bearing I built to keep the rudder from rubbing the hull

Taking her to Lake Lanier from Crackeboy Fla.

Locker lid cut, then glassed down for new platform for new windlass

Underneath the old bow roller, big water leak

Pictures of out sailing her a week after I took her to Lake Lanier, then about a year later after her new coat of paint was put on.

Some pictures of the repairs I've made over the years, starting with when I first picked it up in Vero Beach, Fla.   You can find some of these pictures and some write ups on

Getting ready for the new motor, here is the new Vernalift, I think it will work great.

JT Prather did an awesome job

First of three truck rides over 10 years.

Holes in the bulk head for the speakers bugged me, so...

The V-Berth before and after

Installed Capt's chair and tool box with lid open

New Bruce bow roller and windlass

New Rub rail, a must have for dealing with pilons

Ah, first site, Vero Beach, Fla.  2004